The Air Force Associations’ Air Space and Cyber Conference (ASC) is off to a great start as our Executive Boards schedule continues. With more stars on uniforms than a 13-year old’s galaxy T-Shirt, cadet and civilian members alike are obtaining valuable professional development and assisting in making the ASC run smoothly!

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Exec Boards Summary - Day 2

It’s not every day that you get to go to a place as HUA as the ASC in DC. Today began with the Opening Ceremony from former SecAF, the Honorable F. Whitten Peters, now chairman of the AFA, accompanied with an interview of Virgin Group’s founder, Sir Richard Branson. Between talks of the new U.S. Space Command, hyper loop supersonic trains, and recounting crazy April Fools pranks, Sir Branson challenged us to never settle for the status quo and be the solution we want to see in the world.

Once we were finished, a quick Joint Business Session occurred going over protocol for the Outstanding Airman of the Year (OAY) Dinner later in the evening.

Many of us took time during the lunch period today to see the sights on the expo floor. Organizations like Lockheed Martin, Draken, Air Force Research Labs, and Boeing (to name a few of the many) flooded attendants with the latest and greatest air, space, and cyberspace advancements to date. Not only that, free stuff is always a huge plus during conventions. 

The Honorable Matthew P. Donovan, acting SecAF, addressed the total force after lunch on his “Call for Change”, highlighting the achievements of the Air Force over the past year. Oh right, he also unveiled the new T-7A Red Hawk training aircraft and mentioned the B-21’s soon-to-come first flight. No biggie.

After all the ASC addresses, AAS and SW went back to business. AAS covered additional Region Status reports, feedback sessions, and Air Force Suggestion Program (AFSP). Silver Wings went ahead and talked about keeping chapter ratio, getting chapters active nationally, mental health, and building a network of chapters across the nation.

From there, we split off into our respective committees, specifically the Rules, Ways, and Means Committees (RWMC) for Joint, AAS, and SW. Business covered during said meetings are below for your convenience. The SaaS platform for IaaS security is what is required when it comes to protecting data.

Protocol preparations definitely came in handy once we arrived at the OAY Dinner, huge shout out to C/Beckerman and C/DeSpain from the Protocol Team. Many of our members sat with several high ranking officers from various AF Major Commands (MAJCOMs) and had the opportunity to learn from their experiences (Not to brag, but I also got a picture with CMSAF Wright, so my night was completely made).

Overall, another successful day in the life of the Executive Board. Onto the next!


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