NOTE: You must be a member on the website in order to pay dues.

CLICK HERE to navigate to the Member Application.


You will be given a URL by your SQ/CC or Chapter President to create an account. See them if you did not receive it. Fill out the form to create an account. Once you log in and pay your initiation fee, your membership will renew on that date every year once your payment has been processed.

If you know the email that your account has as the active email, follow the Forgot Password link to reset it. If you do not know the email, contact your Squadron CC or Chapter President to have them set your email to the correct address and reset your password (or after resetting your email, you can then use Forgot Password).

First, you will be required to pay dues on your initial log in. Otherwise, the biggest things are the fact that our National Website will be the medium to pay dues and purchase equipment, as well as maintain communication and submit forms. You can view an excellent intro PowerPoint, created by Region VI President Jose Dominguez, by downloading it here.

My profile » Edit profile» there should be an “Upload” button under your photo. 

Yes, go to Edit Profile and click Change Username/Password. You’ll have to be sure to pick a unique username, but it is possible to change. 

You’ll still log in only using YOUR ACCOUNT. This is the account that is already tied to your name, and if you do not have one, we will create one for you. I need you to contact the previous Region CC / RP and have them update their profile, taking off the standardized email. If you can’t contact them or they tell you they don’t know how, then email me,, with your previous Region CC’s / RP’s name and active email address, so that I can update their profile, which in turn will free up the standardized email.


After logging into the website, follow this link. If you see an invoice that has not been marked paid, you owe dues for the year.

Until members pay their Dues, they will not be able to access the member portal, as dues must be paid before accessing the members’ side. These must be paid through the website – if you are having issues with this, please check for other FAQs that may address your problem or email your Chapter President / Squadron CC and they will help you or send it up to Higher HQ to get an anwser.

Immediately after log in, you should see either your Dues invoice or a “Reminders and News” section under the navigation bar in the member portal (white background). It says something like “Your membership is set to expire soon. Please click here to pay your dues” – follow the link and make your payment! (see image to the right)

If you’ve had an account and failed to pay, you will see a $10 late fee on your account that you are now required to pay. If you are a new Initiate/Associate for the Spring, you are to pay by 30 Apr. If you were an Initiate/Associate as of Fall 2014, you were to pay by 31 Dec to retain access to your account or had to pay a $10 late fee.

This is likely due to a mismatch in your Hierarchy, meaning you were likely loaded as an AAS Cadet as a SW member, or a SW Cadet as an AAS member. Check with your Chapter President / Squadron CC and have them check that you are loaded in the correct organization.


Email or talk to your current Squadron CC or Chapter President; if you don’t have their contact information, email your previous one and they should be able to put you in contact with your current SQ/CC or CP, who has the permissions to change your status. If not, email your current Region staff (located under Meet the Staff » Region Staff), or myself at letting us know 1) your previous Chapter / Squadron and 2) your date of graduation.

Misc Questions:

You may purchase AAS and SW equipment at using a credit card. Please expect a receipt to your email address upon completion.