AAS/SW Teammates,

As I write this, I hope each of you are healthy and well!  I also want you to know how incredibly proud I am to be on the same team as each of you.  Words fall short in describing the pride I felt during the CYBERCON earlier this month.  It speaks volumes about the caliber of the young people we are supporting, as well as the positive impact each of you are making in their lives.  Thank you and keep rocking.

Today, I was reading from a book called “Creating Positive Affirmations, Living an Intentional Life.”   The author is Jean Costa who I had the great fortune of meeting last year right before the Milwakee NATCON.  Jean is quite an accomplished lady, author, former Math teacher, registered Yoga teacher (Go Cristin!), founder of Pink Ribbon Yoga Retreat for Women breast cancer survivors, and she currently sits on Duke Cancer Patient Support Program and Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Advisory Boards.  Allow me to share the following passage from her book:

“The saying, ‘we cannot control the wind, but we can decide how to set the sail’ is the essence of creating positive affirmations and intentional living.”  She went on to say, “the wind may blow you all over the world and take you to places you do or do not choose, but it is our attitudes during the journey that will determine every aspect of the adventure.” 

Teammates, certainly COVID-19 has blown us in directions we didn’t foresee when we started our 2020 journey back in January, but our attitudes, dedication, and perseverance during this journey needs to make a profound difference in the lives of so many who are far less fortunate than us.  Thank you!  Stay strong, stay focused, remain positive!

Your grateful wingman,


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Dana ransom · September 3, 2020 at 6:45 pm

My son is a member of the Arnold Air Society. He is in the rotc program at University of North Carolina Charlotte. He is starting his 3 year this year. His name is Bryan Meredith. I was wonder if you had a contact number for your scholarship programs. Also when will you be able to apply for them
Dana Ransom (mother)

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