Silver Wings (SW) is a national, co-ed, professional organization dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable, and effective civic leaders through community service and education about national defense.

Silver Wings’ predecessor organization, Angel Flight, had a specific objective of supporting the mission of Arnold Air Society. While this is no longer explicitly stated, Silver Wings remains committed to developing strong civilian leaders with an understanding of aerospace power–and obviously, the continuing partnership between AAS and SW is critical to building this understanding.


Professional Development

Local chapter activities and the national organizational structure provide members with leadership opportunities and the chance to develop professional skills. These include, but are not limited to oral/written communication, public speaking, and project planning and execution.

Personal Development

Local chapter activities and projects provide character growth through service to the community, which enables the individual member to develop a sense of purpose within and a responsibility to the local community.

Civic Awareness

Exposure to Air Force issues, enables members to develop a personal awareness of aerospace power and the role that it plays in the national defense. The leadership and skills development objectives are enhanced by opportunities for members to actively promote aerospace issues in the community through educational programs, seminars, public relations activities, and voter awareness projects.




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Everest Berggren
Vice President
Reece Cabanas
Senior Administrator
Amelia Chromy
Developmental Officer
Alexandria Brown
Caroline Jok
Public Affairs Officer
Tyler Reid
Activities Officer
Shannon McGirk
Sustainability Officer
Megan Venegas
SW National Business Chair
Christina Meehan-Vernon
AAS-SW National Webmaster
Nicholas Carrigan

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