It has been quite a busy few months for Silver Wings since my peers and I took over as National Staff! As Development Officer, I’ve been working to hopefully meet our goal of fifty chapters by NATCON 2020! We have so many amazing leaders across the nation that have stepped up to take on the responsibility to activate a Silver Wings chapter at their school. For three groups, this has already been the case thus far!

Over the summer, Marta Kernan, a student at the University of Notre Dame, worked to finish up the activation process for Silver Wings at her school, and in July, we officially welcomed the Joseph Stanley Smith Chapter to the family! Since then, Marta has taken lead as Chapter President and her members have been very busy! In early September, the Smith Chapter traveled to Grissom Air Reserve Base to volunteer at the Air Show. The team spent hours working to check in members at the VIP and Commanders tent. Along with the awesome experience of being there, the Silver Wingers also got to meet a two star general and three Thunderbirds pilots! The Smith Chapter has had a great first semester as an active chapter, and they even helped to plan the Region VI RCON!

Also over the summer, I was blessed to work with two motivated individuals from the University of Central Florida, who were eager to get a Silver Wings chapter active at their school! Breanna Marley and Anthony Trabulsy lead the efforts to get their chapter activated, and in late October, we officially welcomed the Robert M. White Chapter to the Silver Wings family! Breanna has done an outstanding job as Chapter President, leading a group of twenty new members! This semester, the chapter has done great projects such as participating in the America’s Mighty Warriors Military Race, hosting members of their local Air Force Association (AFA) chapter, and having a Thanksgiving potluck dinner. The White Chapter at UCF has shown a tremendous amount of motivation this year, and has even developed a great working relationship with their Arnie counterparts!

    To finish our update, I am beyond thrilled to announce that as of this week, we’ve officially activated the Dee Finnegan Chapter at Oklahoma State University! In late August, I was contacted by AAS Cadet Meredith Wichman, who was interested in taking on the responsibility of helping to start a chapter. Since then, she’s helped recruit eight dedicated members, and has learned all about Silver Wings and our relationship to Arnold Air Society. This semester alone, the Finnegan Chapter has fundraised for their candidacy, as well as volunteered at the Stillwater Humane Society! Along with the Thunderbird Squadron at Oklahoma State University, the Dee Finnegan Chapter has worked to develop great joint relations, almost creating that “squaptor” mentality that we as a nation love to see! 

    It has been a great few months of development for Silver Wings, and we can’t wait to welcome more Silver Wingers to the family! Here’s to fifty chapters by NATCON, and as always, please contact me at if you’re looking to activate a chapter! 

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