Arnold Air Society - Silver Wings Educational Fund, Inc. (ASEF)


  • Providing academic scholarships for AAS and SW members.
  • Providing conference registration/travel fees for AAS and SW members to attend AAS and SW NATCONs, Executive Board Meetings, Area/Region Conclaves, AFA meetings and symposiums or other leadership development activities.
  • Funding Speaker Fees to bring motivational and developmental speakers and trainers from industry and academia to AAS and SW events to aid in member development.
  • Providing internships and fellowships to AAS and SW members to further develop their leadership and management skills.
  • Funding Awards and Recognition programs for AAS and SW members or individuals/organizations that advance the organizations’ ability to provide aerospace education and civic leadership, or to advance participation in Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math (STEM) education.
  • Fellowships to AAS-SW National Administrative Consultants and others to fund their travel and expenses to AAS and SW events where they mentor, train, or advise AAS and SW members.
  • As noted in the ASEF mission, our relationship with the active AAS and SW organizations will be to serve as the charitable arm and to raise funds for scholarships, fellowships, and internships for AAS and SW members. As such, the ASEF board will remain self-directed but always aware of its over-riding mission to aid in the educational and leadership development goals of the AAS and SW organizations.

ASEF Relation to AAS and SW


  • ASEF is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Texas under the name Arnold Air Society-Silver Wings (Angel Flight) Educational Fund, Inc. under file number 802001409
  • ASEF has tax-exempt status with the IRS under EIN 47-1229002
  • Send Donations to ASEF to:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 302-382-9224
  • Fax: 540-507-8748
  • Donate via Amazon Smile: When you shop @Amazon Smile, Amazon will make a donation to Arnold Air Society – Silver Wings Angel Flight Educational Fund Inc.
  • Donate via Access the ASEF page on Guidestar at this link and use the Donate Now button.

The easiest way to start interfacing with ASEF for your donors to provide you tax exempt donations is for you to contact the ASEF Treasurer to get started. This permits the treasurer to be alerted to your effort, anticipate donations and help you get started on the correct track. Here is the contact information:

BGen (Ret) Dick Bundy
Phone: 302-382-9224

The process is not complicated once we get it established. We can provide you with the IRS tax exempt EIN and a W-9 FORM if your contact donors want them. Checks can be made out to ASEF and sent to:

9006 Judiciary Drive
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553

You can use a third party funds gathering organization like Ironman or Guidestar that can then send us a check, but be aware that they will charge you a percentage, example 3 to 5 %, for their service. We can also receive donations via Paypal through our website, but they also charge for their services. You should also be aware that when you use the third party donation process that it takes 30 to 60 days for the funds to be processed and sent to us.

Once we receive the funds we will confirm this with you and then it takes about 5 to 7 days for you to receive your check.