Our Staffs


Our Students lead their organizations. The leadership is comprised of a National Staff for both AAS and SW. In addition to the National Staffs, there are students that are members of the Extended National Staff that help run and operate the organizations on the National Level.

Executive Management Center (EMC)

Brig Gen (Ret) Dan Woodward
Maj Gen (Ret) Maggie Woodward
Marianne Bio Pic
Marianne Williams

Board of Trustees

General (Ret) Robin Rand
Gen(Ret) Robin Rand
Brig Gen(Ret) Richard Bundy
Nikki Camhout
Col(Ret) Gary Copsey
Maj Gen(Ret) Al Flowers
Col(Ret) Steven Hiss
Col(Ret) Jim Hannam
Maj Gen(Ret) Steven J. Lepper
Beverly Mentzer
Molly Mae Potter
Megan Stefanovic
Maj Gen(Ret) Jerry White

National Administrative Consultants (NACs)

Allison Gross
Capt Gabbe Kearney
Capt Hannah Richmond
Capt Kevin Long
Chhandashiki (Shiki) Das
Chris Behr
Lt Joseph Fitzpatrick
Capt Marissa Poje
Lt Max Heidacker
McKinnon Pearse
Lt Danielle Barth
Tate Fall
Lt April Patko