Purchasing Equipment

As of right now, the equipment store on this front facing website is not fully functional as indicated by the pop-up when you load the website, but members can still purchase equipment using the member side Equipment store. 

To purchase items from the member side Equipment store follow the instructions below:

1: Click “Login” in the top right corner

2: Login to your AAS-SW account

3: Hover over “Resources” and select “Joint”

4: Select “Equipment Store”

5: Select either “AAS Member Equipment” for AAS or “SW Member Equipment” for SW

6: Select all Equipment you would like to purchase and “Add to Cart”

7: Once all equipment is added to cart, Select “Checkout”

8: Fill out information and purchase items

Creating an Account

Many links have been sent out over the past year, but to avoid all confusion, please create an account following the steps below.

1: Click either the Arnold Air Society or Silver Wings tab at the top of the website depending on the organization you plan to enter

2: Scroll down to the map

3: Directly below the map, you should see a button to “Create an Account”

4: Select the “Create an Account” button

5: Select the form of membership that applies to you

6: Fill out the entire form

7: Once the form is filled out, at the bottom, Select “Submit”

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