We’re really excited to share with you what we’ve been working on over the past few months. What you will immediately notice is a complete redesign of the front facing website. We’ve moved our front end to WordPress, this will allow us to dynamically update content and provide new features for years to come. Our look is now responsive, meaning that whatever device you use to view our website, it will format to that exact size. Here are some of the new features:


We know your email inbox is full, and we know, finding a specific email that someone shared is always a nightmare. So we added a blog to help disseminate information for the masses from the National Staffs. Information regarding NATCON, internships, and dues will all be posted here. You can also use the commenting section below to ask questions!

Ticketing System

In the past, we’ve used other websites such as WildApricot to host our NATCON page and provide a payment processing service. Moving forward, we’ve integrated ticketing right into the website. This will be a one stop shop for future NATCONs, simply check out the events page and select the NATCON icon to register! The events page is also where you’ll be able to RSVP for the ARCONs in 2019. 

Web Store

We’ve moved the equipment store from the back end to the front-end. What this means is you can now buy items such as pins and ribbons right from the main front-end website. We hope this provides an easier experience.

Membership Back-end

The membership back-end has not changed and can be accessed by using the login button on the bottom of the webpage in the footer. Here is where folks who already have accounts can pay dues. If you are a new member, view your respective page (AAS or SW) using the navigation above and click “create account.”


Our goal was to enhance the user experience, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve created.

The Webmaster Team

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