"If you are an Airman who is passionate about coalition warfighting ... designing and leading joint campaigns ... and the increasingly important role of air and space superiority ... it is a great time to be a member of our nation's Air Forces"
Gen. David L. Goldfein
Chief of Staff of the Air Force

General Goldfein’s address this morning was just one of many great moments Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings’ National Staff have experienced thus far as we head into Day 3 of the Executive Boards. More expo, more business, and most of all, more airpower for the whole family. What’s not to like?

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Exec Boards Summary - Day 3

Joint Business Session #6 was the first item of the day for our National Staff. In said business session, we covered the Joint National Project and Joint National Fundraising Project. The AAS and SW National Business Chairs went over the process of applying and becoming Extended Staff, and the AAS-SW National Webmaster gave us a brief on his budget for the year.

Region Commanders and Presidents united soon after to discuss Region Conclave (RCON) plans and make sure things were running smoothly on both sides of the house. Lt Col Matt Hoyt, Commander of the 52nd Operations Support Squadron at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, came to speak to us during the planning process to talk a little on what he does and give advice for budding leaders from both AAS and SW alike. Thank you for your kind words, Lt Col Hoyt!

Many of the members of the Executive Board will agree that the address by the USAF Chief of Staff, Gen. David L. Goldfein, was indeed the highlight of the events at the Air Space and Cyberspace (ASC) Conference this year. Gen. Goldfein’s address covered his vision of a “fully networked, multi-domain future” for the United States Air Force. The Chief of Staff showed a series in-depth graphics of what multi-domain operations would look with our current weapon systems, and honestly, really brought the point home of how imperative it is that domains like air, space, land, and cyberspace must coordinate to accomplish the mission in our informational age. Be on the lookout in the next week for his full address online, it’s definitely a worthwhile listen for those who love the vastness of the sky.

After our lesson on multi-domain operations, we stopped for lunch, the expo floor, and then onto what we came for: business. AAS got plenty done, completing briefings on National Awards, Field Training (FT) Letters, and Fundraising / Budgeting. Additionally, the AAS National Staff had a Q&A session to address any problems, concerns, or feedback from their Region Commanders to be able to make sure operations take off fast once Exec Boards are over. Silver Wings handled their business “SWM”-ingly (get it?) through successfully working through the resolutions submitted so far this year, which you can see below.  Other topics covered in the Silver Wings business sessions included in-depth public affairs (PA) initiatives and plans from Eryn Dolan, the SW/PA, awards from Tanner Pettit, SW/VP, and briefings on networking and attention to detail from SW President, Nicholas Carrigan.

Top briefing during the AAS and SW business sessions today most definitely went to the VEGASCON 2020 team representatives from the David L. “Bullit” Curtis Robinson Chapter-Squadron at NAU, consisting of Cadets Brandhuber, Cadavona, Cervantes, and Park. The VEGASCON team provided decisive information on costs and amenities for the conclave that left everyone in the room awe struck and motivated for the event in April. The pure energy radiating in the room during the briefing made us confident that VEGASCON will be the event to remember for many of us in AAS and SW, and that’s all thanks to the teams dedication to their craft. Follow their Instagram page @aas_sw_natcon to stay updated!

Official business might have been over, but the fight was still on. Silver Wings Region Presidents took to the streets of National Harbor to engage in a scavenger hunt with the grand prize of a paid NATCON registration from the SW National Staff. Everyone pushed themselves in pursuit of their “free” registration, but Michael Thompson, Region 5 President, and Region 6’s very own Josh Cassem beat out the competition through their teamwork, speed and dominance. Congrats to them both!

Three days down, one to go. Push for the finish line, National Staff!

Official Business

NOTE: Detailed info on resolutions will be sent out post-Exec Boards.

  • Resolution A1:
    • PASSED
    • Changes the AASMAN-1 A8.5 to state “personnel” instead of “unit officers”
  • Resolution A2:
    • FAILED
    • CTOs have to be POC and not GMC.
  • Resolution A3:
    • PASSED
    • Changes AASMAN-1 Paragraph of the AASMAN-1 be changed to state that “Newsletters may be published at the Region or Squadron level at the discretion of the Regionand Squadron Commanders.”
    • Changes AASMAN-1 Paragraph be added to state that “PAs are responsible for managing social media pages which may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Posted material may highlight squadron projects, alumni, member spotlights, announcements, etc.”
    •  Changes AASMAN-1 Paragraph 12.9. state “Region Social Media. All regions must have at least an Instagram and Facebook page which will be managed by the Region Director of Public Affairs.
    • Paragraph be added to state “National Social Media. The National Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages are joint between AAS and SW so that both the AAS National Director of Public Affairs, and the SW National Director of Public Affairs run them jointly.The National PA must also ensure that any issues of the Arnold Air Letter are posted on the social media pages.
  • Resolution A4:
    • PASSED
    • Confirms General Raymond as being the 2019-2020 Honorary National Commander
  • Resolution A5:
    • PASSED
    • Allows Detachment 420 to change their name and reactivate as the Colonel Larry Goldberg Squadron
  • Resolution A6:
    • PASSED
    • Allows those elected for AAS Extended National Staff positions are allowed to be from the same squadron hosting National HQ and and NATCON HQ
    • Deletes AASMAN-1 para 8.11 reading, “The National Business Chair cannot be a member of the National HQ or NATCON HQ host units.”
    • Deletes para 8.12 reading, “Further, candidates [for NPAR] cannot be members of the National HQ or NATCON HQ host units.”
    • Deletes AASMAN-1 para 8.14 reading, “Candidates [forNWM] cannot be members of the incoming National HQ or NATCON HQ host units.”
  • Resolution S1: Crosstown Members
    • PASSED
    • Adding verbiage within the SWM specifying that crosstown students are allowed to be members of their host university’s SW chapter.
  • Resolution S2: Activating Chapter Requirements
    • PASSED
    • Adding requirements within the SWM for newly activated chapters to complete four total events the first semester after activation to foster a stronger chapter presence for the future.
  • Resolution S3: 2019 – 2020 Silver Wings National Honorary President
    • PASSED
    • Nomination of Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar to be this year’s National Honorary President for Silver Wings.


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